Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

An interactive encyclopedia for kids and their parents. Join the Little Mouse in her journey to explore the fascinating world of nature! Together you will learn about countless species of animals and plants in their natural habitats while feasting your eyes on a set of charmingly painted forests, waters and gardens.


Under Leaves

Color-filled hidden object game from the world of animals. Gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor illustrations and a soothing soundscape make for a gently exotic experience. The game will take you through 6 different locations around the world where 21 animals lie, waiting to be discovered. Free of any text, the game is accessible to everyone.


You can find our smaller projects like game jam games on these websites and stores:
Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare,, App Store, Google Play

About us

We are a small independent team working in Prague with a passion for making games.
Games are our hobby, and we devote them most of our spare time besides our regular jobs.
Currently, we are not looking for any collaborators,
and we don't do any contract work. Thank you for your understanding.

Michal Berlinger

Game developer and designer working in Unity

Programmer of all projects. Studied film production on Prague FAMU.
Working for Amanita Design, @Abukac

Bára Podhorská

Graphic designer

Designer of Under Leaves. Devoting to children's illustration, studied animation and interactive art at FUD ZČU in Pilsen. Freelancer., @BaraPodhorska

Tereza Korecká Vostradovská

Graphic designer

Designer of Aniscience. Graduated on AAAD Prague (studio of Film and TV graphics) under the direction of Jakub Zich. She focuses on children's illustration, animation and toys. Freelancer.,

Jan Netušil

Graphic and motion designer

Designer of most of the jam games. Graduated on AAAD Prague (studio of Film and TV graphics) Interested and participating in graphic design, illustration and motion design.
Working for OFICINA, @JanNetusil


Michal Berlinger

Circus Atos s.r.o.
Francouzská 761/21
Praha 2, Vinohrady, 120 00

IČ: 24278831
DIČ: CZ24278831
Společnost Circus Atos s.r.o. je zapsaná v OR vedeném MS v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 200084.

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