Under Leaves

Color-filled hidden object game from the world of animals. Gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor illustrations and a soothing soundscape make for a gently exotic experience. The game will take you through 6 different locations around the world where 21 animals lie, waiting to be discovered. Free of any text, the game is accessible to everyone.

Web: underleaves.circusatos.com

Aniscience new chapter coming out soon

Original didactic book for children and parents. Graphic by Tereza Vostradovská

A free demo is available and we are working on more content. There also printed book in Czech.

Get it on Google Play

Web: www.aniscience.com

Dimension Brothers coming sooner or later

Experimental local co-op game where each player has special glasses and see just a part of the level. Players need to cooperate to overcome different obstacles.

Web: www.dimensionbrothers.com


A relaxing summer game with a brisk story about canoeing, the obstacles of nature and true love. Watch the trailer or play the game. On iOS or on Android.

One City's Adventure

A brave architect faces the mafia and only his girlfriend Marketa can save him. The story, however, thickens when an old legionary and a walking baguette enter the scene. Classic hand-drawn tap & tap adventure with a detective story. Watch the trailer or play the game. On iPad or on the website.

On the country

The application is part of an exhibition Countryside organized by the National Museum within the exhibition cycle Money. Imagine you're a kid who lives with his parents, siblings, grandfather and pets in a small country house sometime around the turn of the 19th and 20 century. The game is available for iPad, Android and Windows 8. The game is in Czech language only.

LQ Monolith

Augmented reality game set in Lesser Quarter in Prague. Find monolith and use clues in real world to solve puzzles on your phone. This game was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2016. Try it on your Android. Website and trailer: lqmonolith.circusatos.com


Blackout started! Which buildings will you recharge with your energy car? This game was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015. Play on Android, download or online: blackout.circusatos.com


Experience adventure story with your friend from two points of view. Inspired by true events. This game was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2014. Play on Android or online: forourcountry.circusatos.com

Midnight in Minor

The flash game section for the prague children theatre Minor's web. Three small games and a lot of surprises.

Enter the Minor on www.minor.cz/pulnoc-v-minoru

About us

We are a small independent team based in Prague with passion for making games.

Michal Berlinger

Game designer, programmer, producer

Studied production on Prague FAMU, navigator for woodcraft club for children.

michal@circusatos.com, @Abukac, linkedin

Bára Podhorská

Devoting to children's illustration, studying animation and interactive art at FUD ZČU in Pilsen.

bara@circusatos.com, @BaraPodhorska

Tereza Vostradovská

Graduated on AAAD Prague (studio of Film and TV graphics) under the direction of Jakub Zich. She focuses on children's illustration, animation and toys.

vostradovska.cz, tereza.vostradovska@gmail.com

Jan Netušil

Graduated on AAAD Prague (studio of Film and TV graphics) Interested and participating in graphic design, illustration and motion design.



Michal Berlinger
tel: +420 608 664 514

Circus Atos s.r.o.
Francouzská 761/21
Praha 2, Vinohrady, 120 00

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DIČ: CZ24278831
Společnost Circus Atos s.r.o. je zapsaná v OR vedeném MS v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 200084.

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